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We Build AMP & Responsive Websites

We are passionate about websites. From design to search engine optimization (SEO). Websites come in all shapes and sizes. They have particular functions from static informational websites to larger complicated websites. Cost can vary widely as well. HTMLfox strives to offer a quality service with a competitive price. Although, some clients needs may be very specific which can cause the cost drivers to increase.

What Website Do I Need

Can you get by with just a static informational website which would include relevant content along with photos and graphics? If your business offers a service you may be able to go with the static website. However if your company sells a product and you wish to sell that product through the internet then you would need an e-commerce website.

What's Next

Once you have decided on the type of website that suites your needs, where will you host it? Hosting? What’s that? Hosting is the heavy duty computer that serves your website to the masses on the internet. It can handle the heavy demands placed on it by hundreds and thousands of people clicking through your website all at the same time.

Where Does This End

Well there is no end! That’s the honest truth. It seems that a website is never finished. It is very flexible, pliable and editable. If you are new to this I am sure this is a bit overwhelming. Take a deep breathe and relax, we are here to help you every step of the way. Yes it is true, a website is never truly finished. But that’s the beauty of websites. You can edit them any time.

Lets Talk

Maybe its time to have a talk. We offer straight up honest talk you will understand. We can help you get what you need up on the internet.

Why Choose Us

HTMLFOX Website Designs

HTMLFOX is focused on todays responsive website design. We feel this is the way to go for designing a website that fits any device. We studied the options and a responsive design is the best option today. We can talk about your needs and see how a responsive design can help your website today.

Search Engine Optimization

This is a topic with no ending. The SEO landscape changes like the setting sun. We have been involved with SEO for over 12 years. we have seen a lot of changes however some things have remained the same. This is a big topic and deserves time to discuss realistic expectations. We will sit down and have these conversations with you.

Online Marketing

Pay Per Click, Social Media, Banner Advertising, Online Directories, and Videos. The list goes on and is constantly growing and changing. What was hot yesterday may be dead today. You need to be careful where you invest your time and money in this arena. This also deserves lots of conversation to see what best fits your business needs and budget.

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akron website designers
  • Larry

I am very happy with the work performed by HTMLFOX. They are quick to make website edits and help out in any way they can.